Existing advertising model within the current media streaming space has worked well for the most popular content-sharing platforms. But not for all content producers.

We seek a better solution. Our mission is to create a revenue model for all content producers. Enabling them to directly receive funds from their fans.


Annoying and Frequent Ads

Ad-based platforms distract us with intrusive ads and promote binge-watching in order to increase their revenue. This sacrifices viewer experience and privacy, benefiting only the middleman platforms.


Expensive Content Delivery

The primary cost of incumbent media platforms is global content delivery. This cost is unfairly passed on to creators. Quality content creators pay for hosting and storage for all the content that isn't creating any value.



Secure and Safe

Stream41 provides vote-based tipping, recurring payments from fans, and business-sponsored endorsements. All revenue flows securely from middlemen through the Ethereum blockchain. Content producers can start earning right away, as long as they bring value to their audience.

Ad free


Let’s be honest, no one wants to watch annoying advertisements. Stream41 will be an advertisement free platform. Viewers can now engage more meaningfully with their favorite broadcasters without ads getting in the way.


Peer-to-Peer Network

Stream41 is live streaming application using the peer-to-peer protocol built on Ethereum. It is a decentralized network that users can join and earn tokens by leveraging their redundant resources and hosting videos.

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