Stream41 is a decentralized live video streaming platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. Stream41 provides a video streaming solution that will empower our users. Creators can interact with their audience on a direct level like never before. Our goal is to create a platform that is rich in user-experience for creators and viewers alike.

We aim at solving the following problems that exist on the current content sharing landscape:

  1. Advertising Revenue Dependency

    Under the current digital system, advertising revenue is prioritized over content and viewing experience. The advertising model pressures creators to focus on gaining more views. This takes away the opportunity for community building for each content creator. This leads to a decline in deeper discovery, bonding, and engagement with audience.

    The over reliance on maximizing advertisement revenue has led to various deceitful practices. An estimated advertising revenue earned via botnets that “watch” videos and click ads may be as high as 50%. Costing businesses billions of dollars and questioning the actual popularity of certain content. Ad fraud is an incredibly hard problem to solve. Detection technology attempts to outfox the ever evolving fraud technology. This in turn further alienates content creators from their true fans and followers.

    Stream41 does not rely on advertising. Instead, Stream41 proposes a direct approach so that the interests of content creators are aligned with their viewers . Without any sacrifice to the user experience.

    Stream41 provides content creators the tools and freedom to pioneer new approaches to online value creation, not matter the size of the audience.

  2. Poor Engagement

    Given the rampant advertisement and lack of individualized intimate experience between content creators and their audiences, the current video streaming platforms are generally characterized by poor engagement between creators and their fans.

    Content creators need to create content that appeals to the masses to generate meaningful income. Large technology platforms through their algorithms have authority in deciding what, how, and who can stream. Thus, controlling the content creator’s ability to innovatively engage with their audience. All the while taking significant fees on revenue generated by content creators.

    Through Stream41, creators have the tools and freedom to decide how they want to interact with their audience. Creators can selectively stream content to specific audiences. Revenue generated by content creators goes directly to the creators. Stream41 does not deduct fees from the revenue or force audiences to watch advertisements. It is based on a token reward system that focuses on strong community engagement and meaningful interactions.

  3. Privacy and Information Collection

    The current technology platforms collect significant personal information in the process of generating advertisement revenue. This collected information is centralized within these platforms. It can be susceptible to being hacked and sold to other third parties for further monetization. Only to cause further nuisance to the users and fans. As more data breaches happen, users are more concerned with privacy matters and collection of information. None of which is relevant to their interest in the content creators and their shared experience.

    Our proposed solution is designed to ensure the audience and content creators can interact with each other in a genuine and direct way. Our product will replace the technology platform product designed for the collection and sale of user personal information and preferences.

An ICO is an Initial Coin Offering used for fundraising purposes. In an ICO, issued cryptocurrency is sold in exchange for other cryptocurrencies or fiat money.

Stream41 will offer tokens through its ICO by issuing STRM41 tokens in exchange for Ethereum ERC20. More specifically, Stream41 will offer utility tokens which provide users with access to a product or service; and which, in turn, experience significant appreciation when demand for the product or service increases.

The Stream41 ICO can also be characterized as a Token Distribution Event (TDE).

The Stream41 team believes that pursuing an ICO/TDE is the best way to optimally develop and scale our project. Through a utility token sale, we seek to democratize fundraising in order to build a global community and user base that can help us achieve our vision of a decentralized live streaming solution.

Our ICO/TDE will provide us with the funding to achieve our roadmap by allocating funds for product execution, software and IT development, and business operations.

See our plan on our roadmap.

Start date: May 22, 2018.
End date: October 22, 2018

Nominal Value: 1000 STRM41 = 1 ETH
Total STRM41 Token Supply: 50,000,000

Accepted cryptocurrency: Ethereum

Yes. After careful legal consultation, US contributors can participate in our offering as STRM41 is a utility token and not a security token.

See below more information about the SEC’s position on cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings as well as the distinction regarding utility tokens

You can track the progress of our ICO on our ICO website

The funds will be used for all areas, from R&D and product development to business growth and marketing. See below for more details.

Yes. We have a special program to reward the most dedicated supporters and community members for streaming on our platform, inviting new members to join, and making other types of contributions to the project.

See below for more details.

ERC20. We will rely heavily on ERC20 Tokens as our streaming solution will be built on the Ethereum blockchain.

You can purchase as many times as you like during each token sale period with a minimum purchase of 10 STRM41 or 0.1 ETH until the cumulative hardcap of 10,000,000 STRM41.

The process to participate is quite simple. First, create an account with us. Once you have registered on our website, you will be sent an address to which you can send your funds. This ethereum contribution address is

Yes we do. Purchase during the first 4 weeks of the ICO/TDE and receive a discount. There is no minimum purchase amount required. The discount structure is:

Week 1 - 20% Discount
Week 2 - 15% Discount
Week 3 - 10% Discount
Week 4 - 5% Discount

Stream41 will incentivize initial users, by allocating tokens for distribution to new community members who register to upload or view videos, and to members who invite friends to sign-up. This approach will attract users to the video platform and generate interest in Stream41.

The more users and video views there are, the more demand there will be for STRM41 tokens. In addition, there will be a marketplace on the platform, where users can purchase and sell tokens for additional features and functionalities. All transactions between content creators, users, sellers, and buyers will be carried out using STRM41 tokens.

Stream41 was founded in October 2017 by White Code Labs, a California-based, software development company with offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles. As a principal development partner behind this project, White Code Labs brings significant expertise and experience having executed various complex projects for well-established organizations and institutions such as San Jose State University, Natoma Technologies. and Summit Solar Corp.

White Code Labs has been responsible for product design, prototyping, and software development for Stream41.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React.js Angular.js, Python, Solidity, java and Ruby on Rails.

Ethereum, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Hyperledger.

Please join the Stream41 Mailing list, LinkedIn, Facebook and Telegram channel. For any additional questions or general inquiries, contact us at .

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